Get it together

WISE is an apprenticeship program for women that focuses on your spiritual expansion and development as well as your confidence and technique as a professional, lay or self healer. This intimate 8 month program begins in September each year and typically meets on the first Sunday Afternoon of the month.

  • 8 mastermind sessions

    an intentional and likeminded tribe who get it

  • Karmic Alchemy | Whole Being Healing System Online Course

    lots of MP3, PDF and video consciousness guides to help you step by step, or leap by leap

  • A hardcore manual of key info

    the meat of the program: learn some rad skills, some mad techniques and some wicked processes. and they're all written down for you. in . a . book .

  • 8 Private Sessions

    tailored support gets you where you want to go

  • Karmic Alchemy | Whole Being Healing System

    guided mediation series geared to onboard you subconscious and get the progress train moving

  • A solid 50% discount on products and services

    appointments, classes, other programs: for the length of your program. nuff said

it's all about you

The WISE Apprenticeship is a small group experience that explores [ Y O U ] in the context of [YOUR PRACTICE]. We embrace your energy, your thoughts, your sensations, your emotions and lean into easy ways of reminding you of your power, ability and purpose. Get some clarity about who you are, who you want to be and the impact that you have on others. This is personal work in a support system of likeminded women. 

Apprenticeship Course Content

Apprenticeship Course Content