Connect,. learn and laugh with local lightworkers

The Lightworker's Field Guide is a mastermind membership program for Lightworkers that focuses on likeminded support, laughter and network development, as well as your questions, confidence and technique as a professional Lightworker or healer.

  • Monthly mastermind and healing circle

    An intentional and likeminded tribe who get it and want to heal the world with you

  • A hardcore manual of key info

    Our homepage will feature a library built by our group - all downloadable

  • Karmic Alchemy | Whole Being Healing System Audios

    guided mediations to onboard your subconscious and move the progress

  • You're in the VIP

    Special appointments, classes, and coupons just for you

it's all about US

the Lightworker's Field Guide is a likeminded experience that supports
[ Y O U ] in the context of [ YOUR  PRACTICE ]

We embrace your energy, your thoughts, your sensations, your emotions and lean into easy ways of reminding you of your power, ability and purpose.

This is a monthly membership and gathering of our local light worker tribe, facilitated at breathe Healing Arts Center by Tabatha Bird Weaver, MA.

Get more clarity about who you are, who you want to be and the impact that you have on others. This is a nourishing mixer with a network of likeminded women. The group creates and presents the content for our monthly meetings, and breathe provides space, light, warmth, grounding and snacks. See you there!

Plug into The LightWorker's Field Guide for a Good, Clean Vibe