• Engage with a Like-Minded & Dynamic Community

    This is a rare opportunity to connect with high-quality local people, like you, who want the best for the planet.

  • Focus on Confident Growth with Wholistic Support

    Each Field Research Event features a local professional who will offer a new perspective filled with real life tips and tricks. And we love to answer all your questions!

  • Plug into Abundant & Relevant Referral Resources with Ease

    Whether you are blessed with a new contact for your own healing, a referral for your clients, or both, you will love the people you meet here. Plug into our community and increase your vibrancy!

  • Nurture yourself with relaxation, insights and joy

    We already accept you and want to know you. Please embrace that gift and be the real you!

See you soon! Tabatha

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Our March Speaker

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Molly Elkins, MEd

Certified Life Coach

Roles, Reasons & Relationships | 3 Keys to Unlock Whole Life Balance

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When we do a Field Research Study, it sounds super serious, but it’s really a chill party with pretty good snacks, smart discussion and all the people you want to know. Plus, we get to learn real skills for the real world from real [ [ and local ] ] professionals. We’re a built in referral source for you, and your clients. 

Field Research happens when high-quality professional LightWorkers connect, mingle and create authentic, reciprocal  relationships. When you are in our circle, you’re in for a unique experience for LightWorkers - easy going networking with like-minded people while learning something you can use in your business.

Can you imagine a room full of smiling faces who get what you do - and more importantly - why you do what you do. Do it now, just for a sec, smiles and nods from light filled people. All directed at you. That happens at every Field Research Study. For real.

Listen, between us, we’d all prefer that your elevator pitch stay on the elevator. We want to know YOU. You don’t need all that pressure anyway. Open your heart and your arms to authentic and relevant connection. If we’re meant to work together, we will. Come feel what it’s like to relax in a crowd.

JOIN US FOR Joy, Learning, and Connection Enjoy some snacks, learn some tips, and enjoy the clean vibe of Lightworkers ready to connect and enjoy YOU.

The Lightworker's Field Guide is on task to deeply connect local five star professionals with themselves, their business and their community because we know that this will build confidence, assure enjoyment and support personal and professional success. And let’s face it together: the world needs us.

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YOUR HOST: Tabatha Bird Weaver, Founder, Breathe Healing Arts Center
Tabatha is a dually licensed psychotherapist,  energy worker, and healing business mentor. Make sure you get a hug and say hello, she looks forward to the hug.



2019 Field Research Events


Photo by Erica J Mitchell

 Liisa Petrocchi

Vibe Healing Arts




Ashley Marshall-O'Dell

Sacred Journey


March 2019



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Molly Elkins, MEd

Roles, Reasons & Relationships

3 Keys to Unlock Whole Life Balance

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April 2019


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Elene Rose

Elene Rose

Health &Nutrition Coach

Learning Energetic Boundaries

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May 2019


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Shelley Thomas, MELT

Shelley Thomas, MELT Level 2 Instructor

Intro to MELT Method & Why Your Fascia Matters to Your Success


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June 2019


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credit: @beejoyphot

Tabatha Bird Weaver, MA

How to Enjoy Marketing (yes you can)

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July 2019



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 Mary Galloway, ND

Am I Crazy? Or, Are my Hormones Out of Whack


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