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Chakradance Creator Natalie Southgate:

  • 9 Chakradance sessions

    Exclusive music + guided imagery + opening your body + an intentional and likeminded tribe = so . good .

  • Comprehensive PDF Guides

    A downloadable maintenance guide for each chakra. Use them in between sessions and after the series is complete.

Chakradance | Freedom Series

The  Chakradance Freedom Series is a small group experience geared at deep inner transformation. Every session we will explore a different chakra using free-form dance, music pulsing to the energy of each chakra, guided imagery, and mandala art. Dive deep and explore your inner world, release blocked energy and rediscover your true, authentic self.

You also get info on how to work with each chakra delivered in downloadable, comprehensive handouts. That way [YOU] manage the depth and speed of your journey. You can heal in between classes and continue to work after the sessions close. Be prepared for some energetic shifts and some moments of pure freedom!

This series is beautiful and flexible. We are offering it this Spring in three formats: the 9-week series, a weekend retreat/staycation and individual chakra sessions. These intimate group are limited in size, so please reserve your space now. 

The current series is February 25 through April 22, 2019.

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Chakradance | Freedom Retreat

The Chakradance Retreat is a time to look inward, deeply. It is a time to warmly welcome the unfoldment of you. This retreat is geared toward less talking and more experiencing. Join us and bring your journal, artist's pad, or eye-cover; whatever you need to process. We'll feed you light healthful food and provide all the safety, guidance and love you'll need to find yourself again.

Our next retreat is a StayCation in Newberg, OR on April 26 & 27, 2019.

Awaken Your Wholeness to Your Core

Awaken Your Wholeness to Your Core
Prana means "vital life force" and our 7 Chakras create a "tube" through which prana flows. That why we remove blocks and regulate flow for an easy life.

The StayCation Sounds Like the Perfect Fit! Next dates: April 26 in the pm to April 27 all day, 2019

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