Who we are

Take a 5 second cleansing breath in…

and now a 7 second releasing breath out


We are here to help you breathe

Our Beliefs

We believe that the growth of the spirit is integral to holistic human development. Humans search for answers to questions about identity, about life’s meaning and purpose, about our interconnectivity and about the existence of something greater than themselves. For many, spirituality is synonymous with religious practice, but we believe spiritual development transcends the boundaries of both culture and religion.

We believe that at the heart of our spiritual health is mindful community connection, individual responsibility and love of and respect for our minds, bodies, spirits and experiences . We believe that empirical research, personal context and openness to diversity are keys to our spiritual empowerment and that of others.

Our Hope

We hope to provide a beautiful, grounded, safe and welcoming space for you to further your spiritual awareness and personal development and to join in a like minded community. Classes, workshops, events and personal appointments are intended to lovingly challenge your current perspective and awareness while honoring your current reality and the struggle of growth.

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Whole Being Healing

Next Steps…

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